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Wednesday, January 4

Happy New Year

We’re both astounded it’s already 2012 and it’s been 7 months since our move to Deutschland. For the Christmas break, we traveled to US to visit family on the east coast. And on the 31st, we arrived home to celebrate our 1st new years in our new home. What came as a surprise to both of us was the Germans’ enthusiasm for fireworks. When the fireworks started at 8pm, we were intrigued and went out for dinner to see the fireworks. Although we didn’t see any particular group of people with fireworks, we certainly heard them around the city. After dinner we returned home since one of us was feeling sleepy and needed a shut eye. However I was determined to stay up until midnight to experience the clock tick to midnight. By 11pm, the fireworks had increased in frequency so we trekked back out to the castle (Burg). By 11:45, there were close to thousand people near the Burg and the fireworks were being lit successively. We watched the sky lit up at midnight and returned home at 12:30. To our surprise, the fireworks went on until 1:30- 2am.

The husband, who grew up in India, said this is the first time he has seen fireworks put on by private citizens, outside of India. Regardless, we are thankful for a great show and happy we rang in the New Year with the Germans by the Burg.

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