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Friday, March 30

Hiking in Kitzingen

Many of my posts are long overdue, forgive me? The comment section was missing and I couldn’t get myself to write one more post until I had that fixed. Every so many weeks, I looked for ways to fix the problem but couldn’t find a solution. Finally, I found it, on the design/settings page, it.was.right.there. But it was easier to find after I reformatted the layout design, hence the new look.

Anyway, I am back. I hope to post regularly but a nudge here and there will help tremendously. So don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me to write and share if I disappear again. Please?

Late fall last year when the trees were changing colors and the air was becoming cool and damp, we decided to go on a hike to Kitzingen. Kitzingen is a small village along the train route to Wurzburg. We planned to go there on a Saturday morning with a picnic to hike for few hours and to return in the evening. What followed was anything but that.

We arrived, we hiked, we saw beautiful vineyards, we picked some grapes off the vines (that wouldn’t be used for the harvest because the frost had settled), we picnicked and we drank. Once we saw the vineyards, we knew there’d be places around that would sell local wine. Upon searching the old city for 30 minutes in circles, we finally came upon an unassuming place tucked away behind barnyard doors. I only checked the place because I heard people talking, loudly. It was a gem and I am glad we stopped in. We had 3 glasses of wine there and bought couple bottles for home. Instead of saving them, we opened one (with the owner’s wine opener) and headed for our train home. Fully equipped with an open bottle of wine and another one in our backpack, the train ride that ensued was not only fun and comical but also grand. This is all part of living in Germany, I say.

I didn’t know anything about Kitzingen before and I am pleased we went for that hike. It was gorgeous with temperatures in 50s and the sun shining in all its glory. The wine was typical German wine- a tad sweet and briefly aged. And although I look forward to trying the Riesling from the Mosel region, wine from the Romantic Road region is fine in a pinch.

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