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Friday, August 24

Würzburg, Bavaria

Würzburg is a small town 100 kilometers from Nürnberg. We took a day trip there by train on a Saturday. It is so close but yet so different than Nürnberg; full of wineries and thus offering great tasting wine. We arrived at 11 am, in time for a glass or two of wine. After sipping local wine at the wine shop, we ate lunch at an Asian place because the German restaurant we wanted to try was full. It was just okay. Post lunch we hiked up to Fortress Marienberg. It’s a 30 minute uphill hike so good walking shoes are vital.

After wandering through the open-air fortress, we walked back to the old city for a tour of the Residence Palace, a World Heritage Unesco site. There we learned the city was affected and destroyed during the last few weeks of World War II. However the rebuilt architecture is like before, unique to the city and its wine culture.

The city sits on river Main so we succumbed to a river boat cruise. Thankfully we did, we thoroughly enjoyed the sights and views on the windy river.
There was a wine festival that day so we joined in for festival food and local wine.

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