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Friday, October 12

Say it with me, München!

The husband and I have been to Munich few times and each time it feels like a city that’s busy but unlike New York City or Bombay where one feels cramped for space or overwhelmed with people, Munich’s full of history buffs.  Due to it's prominence in World War II, many tourists (read Americans) and Germans make a stop in Munich. 

The first time the husband and I visited we toured the city with a group and a tour guide and saw the key tourist attractions.  Some of our favorites are Viktualienmarkt and Feldherrenhalle.  We ate dinner at the famed Augustiner Bräu (brewery) restaurant.  That day was filled with learning about the Bavarian capital.

We went back for a visit to Münchner Residenz, Munich Palace.  The Palace was the former residence of monarchs and now is filled with royal items from those days.  We toured through the museum for the afternoon before heading to dinner. This time around, I’d done research on food and we went to a Mexican taco place.  (Mexican food is impossible to come by here in Nürnberg.)  Although tasty, it wasn’t  memorable.  Our search for great Mexican food in Germany continues.  
With mom visiting, Munich was top of the list.  Upon arriving mom and I stopped in at Viktualienmarkt for brunch.  We bought olives, cheese, bread, bier and Weisswurst and parked ourselves on one of the benches.  The rule on Weisswurst is it can only be eaten before 12pm.  I attest to this because at 11:59am, the butcher we got the wurst from was putting away the extra ones.   In the middle of the market there is a large area with benches that the public can use for a picnic.  The rule is to sit on tables without tablecloths because benches with tablecloths are reserved for restaurant customers.  We spread out the picnic and ate our brunch.  To my surprise, mom really enjoyed the Weisswurst. 

Post brunch we walked around Marienplatz and found this guy. Hey, any way to make a little money.  
We headed to Königsplatz and walked around briefly.  We weren’t interested in either exhibits so we paused in the shade before heading forward.   
We went to Olympia park first and then BMW Welt (world) since they are next to each other.  Although it’s nice to see the park where the 1972 games were held, it’s not extraordinary.  Most of the buildings were closed and the swimming pool pentre was only open to members.  
BMW Welt is neat and had a showroom with their newest models of cars.  The museum is located next door but mom didn’t wasn’t interested in seeing their antique cars so we didn’t bother.  (Mom isn't much of a museum fan.)
Englischer Garten was the final stop for the day.  I’d read about Chinesischer Turm, a biergarden with a restaurant, so we went there for dinner.  They had plenty of pork knuckles but we opted for the Hendl, half chicken, roasted potatoes and beers.  Overall the food was good.  Mom especially enjoyed the roasted potatoes, she never ceases to amaze me.  After dinner, we walked on one of many paths at the garden.  I wish I lived in Munich for the maze of running and walking trails at the Englischer Garten.  

The trip with my mom was memorable not because of any particular sight we visited but how much fun we had being with each other.  That day trip brought us closer together because we were both exploring a new, semi new for me, city and having fun and lots of laughs while doing it.  

Finally there was the well acclaimed Oktoberfest. Days after mom left Germany, we and some friends headed to Munich for Oktoberfest.Brief history- Prince Ludwig (the crazy guy) married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in 1810.  To celebrate with the citizens of Munich, Ludwig hosted a massive party with bier and food in the open fields which is now the area the fest is held.

Like the true locals foreigners that we are, we both dressed up in Lederhosen and Dirndl. We arrived at 11:30 to get a table and have plenty of time to drink and eat. It's recommended to arrive between 12- 2pm (on a weekday) for a table. At 4pm, the only people allowed inside the tents are ones with reservations. I learned, for next time, pacing yourself with biers is the way to have a good time. I did not do that.

We didn’t stay for the late night madness but that was at my request.  It was grand celebrating Munich’s history in a large tent with locals and other foreigners over bier and pretzel.


  1. Mrs. 1976 has found a couple Mexican-ish places she considers acceptable for semi-fast food (think tacos and burritos) in Munich. But our favorite joint for Mexican food in Munich (and this is authentic Mexican, not Tex-Mex) is Milagros on Viktualienmarkt.

    What place did you try?

  2. Thanks for the Milagros recommendation; we haven't tried that one yet. We went to Condesa Tacos.