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Saturday, January 18


The husband and I celebrated our marriage anniversary at a local Michelin star restaurant. It was planned months in advance because for a table at Essigbrätlein you have to book ahead.

We opted for the 6 course pre-fixe meal. The meals change frequently so this is a brief synopsis of our dinner.
To start we had multiple amuse-bouches, one of which was a Brussels sprout leaf wrapped in a creamy filling and another was sunflower seeds with sunflower oil. The sunflower seeds on a spoon were crunchy and salty in one bite. The brussels sprouts were a stand out because the mascarpone like filling was the perfect balance to the fresh leaf.

First course was Trout with Fennel, a largely cubed trout sitting atop sliced fennel and dressed with vinaigrette. Next course was layered mashed potatoes with sauerkraut with soy sauce on the side. The soy sauce reduction seemed odd at first but once we tasted it all together, it worked. One of the most impressive courses of the evening, for me, was the pigeon over black salsify with a hint of horseradish all topped with fried shallots (imagine fried onions on the green bean casserole, but much lighter). The pigeon was pan fried and cooked rare. For never having tasted pigeon, this was the perfect introduction.

Finally dessert course was a chocolate mousse ice cream with crunchy chocolate nibs and chocolate comb. Chocolate comb meaning it looked like a honey comb but solely made out of chocolate. It melted in our mouths as soon as we ate it. I wonder how the comb is made because it was one of the most memorable chocolates I’ve had. Of course, rest of the dessert plate was delicious too.

After reviewing the wine menu, not a lot was tempting and the ones we liked were beyond our price range. Based on our preferences, the server brought an Austrian Blaufränkisch bottle; it paired with the meal flawlessly because it was light, like most of our courses, and fruity.

Dinner here is an indulgence (on the palette and your wallet), but it's worth the price and I highly recommend Essigbrätlein for a meal.

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  1. Happy anniversary to both of you! Happy to hear you celebrated over a delicious meal :)