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Wednesday, February 5

Fur Coats

There is an unusual obsession with fur coats in this town (or who knows, even the country). Often it's older German women however as of yesterday I saw a man bundled up in his fur coat.  (I was too far away to snap a photo of him.)  I suspect these coats are real, very expensive and the cold winters these individuals have experienced warrants a fur coat purchase. This isn't a PETA post because I eat meat and was anti leather believe to each their own.  But the fur coats, I find very fascinating.  In my opinion, it takes a certain kind of person to wear a fur coat in public.

I've started photographing. Yes, I am that unsuspecting photographer that snaps one from behind because I don't want to get beat up by the German ladies. Any thoughts on why these Germans love wearing fur?  

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