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Saturday, June 11

Day to day Observations

Few observations that I’ve made here since coming to Germany.
1. Many people smoke. 2. Many people sport a tattoo. What I consider to be an alternative lifestyle in America isn’t so unusual here. Nürnberg is perfect for people watching so anywhere we go there is something new to see. However after 13 days, smoking and tattooing seems to be the trend amongst many people, no matter age or nationality. And I write this because this isn’t something we experience in America so it'll take getting used to. With the smoking bans in many states or the warnings of health risks that are associated with smoking, Americans smoke less than Germans (or possibly Europeans, in general). 

I support the freedom of choice to do what one wants to their own body, we just aren't used to seeing a large population with a cigarette in their hand and/or ink on their body. (one isn’t mutually connected to the other; I am just lumping them together.)

3. Deutsch Bank doesn’t accept traveler’s checks. If you’re planning to visit us or visit Germany in general, don’t bring traveler’s checks with you. We brought some in hopes of converting them to euros. After opening our bank account with the bank we learned they don’t accept them. I don’t know why they don’t, but they don’t. We were shocked as well. 

4. Movie theater requires reservations. Like some restaurants in America, we have to reserve seats at the movie theater. We went to see Hangover 2 (in English) and had to make reservations the day before. According to the ticket booth office, if it’s a movie they expect a large turnout everyone must book their tickets.  There is even assigned seating. If you get there in advance, you can pick which seats you want but if it’s last minute, you’ll be sitting in the first row or in a bad seat.  We made reservations the previous day so we chose our seats.  Movie was good, but first one was better because of its originality, like Ocean's 11.  

These are all things we aren't used to from America and a learning curve. 

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  1. #4 manila must have gotten that idea of reserving seats from europe (it seems they do follow more european trends than american)