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Friday, June 17

The Nürnberg Castle

Entrance to the Castle

Part of the Castle wall
A very important monument in the city is of course the castle and its walls. The castle consists of three parts; Wikipedia
explains it really well. We took a tour and were amazed to see how well it’s been restored on the inside even after all the bombings from WWII. Nürnberg was rally grounds during Nazi Era; due to its geographic central location in Germany Hitler and the Nazis chose Nürnberg as one of the cities to host annual conventions. Because of that Nürnberg was heavily bombed and much of the city was destroyed due to the war. One of our big requests, before moving, was to have an apartment in a building that was built before the war; and now we’ve changed that requirement because it’s almost impossible to find a building from before the war that is open for rent. (Usually those apartments are snatched up within hours.)

View of the city
Of course it isn’t as elegant and grand as it would’ve been in its peak times but it’s still captivating to see a structure that was rebuilt to its original form from the 13th century.

While it’s hard to photograph the entire castle in one photograph, here are some pictures that were taken of the castle, its walls and views from the top.
Looking down onto houses from the Castle


  1. How's the apartment search going, anyway? Do you guys have a neighborhood targeted yet?

  2. Funny you ask! That's the next post I am writing. Stay tuned...