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Saturday, April 28

11 months

Celebrating 11 months is pretty exciting for both of us. I completed 6 German courses and feel very confident in my communication skills. Or let’s say understanding-others skills. Like most languages in the world, learning all most nouns, adjectives, verbs and their correct conjugation takes a long time. I am in that phase now where I understand others when they are speaking to me however I am often looking for the right words to say and have many blank stares. Unfortunately, I am very impatient and wished I knew it all, now.

He on the other hand is very good at writing emails and letters as well as knowing technical German words because of his work environment. Initially his manager and team requested he speak German once a week, Friday for instance. That entire day, both he and his team would have to communicate with one another in German, if either party blundered, they’d have to pay 1 Euro to the department bank. (The money will be used for a party at the end of his delegation.) At first it was tough; like me, he had problems coming up with the right words to say in a meeting or to a coworker. Then later on, it increased to 3 days a week of German-only in the office. And in the last month, he suggested 100% German in the department. That’s ambitious of him but he believed this is easier for everyone to know it’s German, all the time. He’s made some mistakes, naturally, and donated money to the party fund but he knows he’s still learning. He still searches for the right words to say in meetings but due to our length of time here, it’s gotten a bit easier. As of now he’s completed 4 German classes.

Although we aren’t anywhere close to where we’d like to be with the language, we’ve accepted it will come with time.


  1. So proud of you guys! I know people who have spent years working over there and never learned the language. Miss you and hope we can see each other someday soon.

  2. Thanks Jim! We miss you three dearly as well- you must come visit! It's getting nicer outside. Hope the new city and home is treating you well.