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Tuesday, March 25


I’ve raved about our wonderfully warm February and March so when I saw the first of spring produce it was reassuring.

After moving here, during our first spring I saw plenty of Bärlauch at the farmer’s market. I inquired, smelled and even tasted the thing but couldn’t exactly place it. Thanks to Google, I found out Bärlauch is just ramps (in America). It is a spring herb that tastes like a cross between garlic and leeks. It’s garlicky in taste but mild like a leek. The best way to use it is pesto and in US I sautéed it with cooked pasta and topped it with cheese.

This past Saturday (my) farm stand had Bärlauch, the last of the day. It sells out quick especially because it’s in season for very short period (approximately 4 weeks)!

The pesto is so good, we’ve added it to many things (breakfast sandwich, lentil salad, homemade veggie burgers and on toast). I am planning to buy few more bunches this weekend to make pesto to freeze for later.

(Random note- speaking of veggie burger, any ideas or suggestions on making a good one? I’ve tried couple recipes and haven’t had success. The first one was with black beans and the second time was chickpeas with quinoa. Both were fine but tasted mushy and more like a lentil patty and less like a veggie burger. I am taking suggestions so feel free to let me know.)

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  1. I'm salivating (sorry, TMI) looking at the bright green of that ramp pesto... yum! I think ramps are coming much later over here with the winter being so long.