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Tuesday, March 11


This month we are celebrating birthdays so this post is timely in sharing the German birthday tradition. In the US when it is someone’s birthday they get flowers, cake (cupcakes), gifts, drinks during happy hour and/or dinner from friends, family, and coworkers.

In the first few months we learned birthdays and work anniversaries have a special tradition.

The individual that’s celebrating must should bring in a treat to share with friends at work (or class). When I took German classes, each time it was someone’s birthday we brought something to share with everyone. The same applies at work. The treats can vary from freshly baked Breze (pretzels) to Kuchen (German form of cake or pie) to fresh breads with deli meats to what the individual wants to bring.

If the birthday person wants to have a dinner party at a restaurant or their home, they expense it themselves. The idea is celebrating the big day by inviting close friends and family to dinner. Speaking of dinner, last year I helped organize and cater a dinner party for one of our friends. They’re much, much, much older and have become like family. It was his 70th birthday (25, 30, 35, 40 and each decade thereafter are momentous) and the couple planned to have a dinner part in their home with 10- 15 of their friends, including the husband and I. There was an aperitif and appetizer course, main course, dessert course and lots of singing. The wife of the couple played the piano while others sang songs. Songs like Bella Marie. Special.

So today in celebrating the husband’s birthday I baked brownies, at his request. Those divine brownies.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mein Mann!

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