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Monday, June 16


I have had a hard time writing this post because words cannot describe what we saw, read and learned in Dachau. Dachau Concentration Camp was opened in 1933 to house Jews, political prisoners, minority (Roma/homosexuals) and anyone that spoke openly against the Nazis (and its beliefs). Over time there were various camps set up throughout Germany and European countries, initially for forced labor. Dachau started as a forced labor camp with excessive work hours and production quotas for prisoners.

Now it is an empty space with a memorial for those lost and few that survived. The museum offers a guided tour in English which we highly recommend. There’s also an extensive exhibit in the museum with preserved photos and information of some of the people. The stories are gut wrenching. Even with brutal conditions, many were hopeful to leave the camp one day.

Arbeit macht Frei (work will make me free)

We went on a very cold winter day, hence the snow, and we advice against that. Except for the museum the tour is outside and by the end of the tour our toes were freezing, with socks and boots. I cannot understand how in the harsh winters these individuals endured with bare minimum clothes and footwear.

It is impossible to write about Dachau because it was created under merciless conditions and treated normal people inhumanely, but to never forget those lost and hope something like this never happens again Dachau deserves a visit.

Due to its proximity, there are frequent trains from Munich to Dachau. From Nürnberg, we took the train to Munich and then transferred. Check English tour times in advance.

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