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Wednesday, June 18

Nürnberg Trials and Dokumentationszentrum (Doku zentrum or Documentation Center)

..following up from the last post

Before moving in 2011 when we told friends and family about our new venture, they often asked “isn’t that where the Nürnberg trials were?” If there is one thing it is known for, it is the trials. Also the laws, introduced in the 30s when National Socialist (Nazi) party was gaining momentum, presented in a Rally in Nürnberg. The laws are meaningless.

The trials museum, on the other hand, housed in a Nürnberg court that is used as a judiciary building on most days is a must. The exhibition is lengthy and details the proceedings and sentences of individuals tried for war crimes. There is some audio and videos. Visiting times are limited so check the museum hours.

After the court, Doku zentrum is worth visiting also. It’s a large structure built by the party intended for outdoor rallies and an indoor hall for political meetings. Parts of the construction were never completed. Today it is a museum chronicling the rise and fall of Nazi party. The information is precise and thorough.

If planning a visit, plan to dedicate an entire day to both.

(Of course, the city is also known for the Christkindlesmarkt and sausages, beer...)

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