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Tuesday, March 12

It's here or I hope at least...

A close friend got a new camera recently.  She suggested a stroll through the city with our cameras.  The day we strolled couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  We are beginning to see 3- 4 hours of sun, shining, and the weather is warming up.  I am happy the weather is turning because there were few days in the middle that I was struggling with staying motivated.  I am grateful for the changing seasons.

Even with bare trees, this was a great trip for photographing. I hope to continue to make these outings.


  1. photowalks, photostrolls ... i enjoy those! you get to only focus on that, and you find yourself seeing so many things you probably would have missed other days!

    1. you couldn't be more right! There are so many things I noticed and photographed that I pass regularly. It was great to soak up the sun and capture the city.